The Best Sourdough in the Cotswolds

We’re passionate about many things at The Cotswold Outpost, but none more so than serving the very best sourdough bread in the Cotswolds… so that’s exactly what we do! In loaves to take home and throughout our menu, we serve you the unbelievably delicious sourdough bread from Mark’s Cotswold Bakery.

Sourdough is the oldest way of making bread. It uses naturally occurring wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria. It is a live culture called ‘The Mother’ or levain.  A sourdough loaf is far more than just amazing flavour and nutrition. It is the product of a process that is both artistic and scientific. A combination of passion, patience, dedication and craftsmanship.  It takes time and love. The unique flavour and texture of Mark’s sourdough is down to the flour he uses, the dough temperature, length of fermentation and how it is handled. It is all a carefully considered balance the bakery is founded upon.

Delicious eggs from Cacklebean

10 miles up the road from us in Stow-on-the-Wold is the wonderful Cackleberry Farm, home of the chickens that lay the most delicious eggs in all of the Cotswolds, Cacklebean Eggs.

We’re happy to be cooking with Cacklebean Eggs in our kitchen and selling them in our farm shop.

The good people at Cackleberry Farm say this about their flock of hard-working egg layers: “We maintain a healthy flock, all of our chickens are bred on the farm, and hatched in our hatchery. Laying eggs is hard work, so our girls need a good start and plenty of food to keep them healthy and happy. The richness and naturalness of the diet shows with their yellow legs and full beaks – no beak clipping on our farm! Our hens at both of our farms have large sheds with plenty of perch space and a large scratch area. During the day they range free in lush green fields, which are sown with natural herbs for the hens to nibble. They roam in small flocks – the space and smaller numbers help to reduce stress, resulting in happier, healthier hens and the best quality eggs”.